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Easily Manage Users on Your Account with New Edit and Delete Enhancements

Easily Manage Users on Your Account with New Edit and Delete Enhancements

If you’re an Account Admin, you’re already saddled with a lot of responsibilities, whether you’re managing multiple roadmaps on your account or juggling stakeholders’ incoming feedback. The last thing you want to have to worry about is taking up valuable time to figure out how to add, edit, or delete users on your account.

That’s why we’re giving Account Admins the ability to have more control over your Account Settings with the release of new capabilities for editing and deleting users.

With a few simple steps, the process of editing teammates' info (like changing their name)—or completely removing inactive teammates—is simple and straightforward. No more privacy concerns if a teammate leaves your company, no more emailing the Roadmunk support team to see if an account can be edited or deleted.

Concerned about losing a user’s data once they’re deleted? Never fear, because any roadmaps they once owned will still be available—they’ll just be “orphaned,” meaning that deleted user will no longer be the owner. And any comments that their username is attached to will still remain but be anonymized, so you won’t lose any important feedback.

Starting today, the power is in your hands as an Account Admin to make these changes yourself, so head over to your Account Settings to try it out. And if you want to read up on more of the details around this release, our Knowledge Base has you covered.