“Roadmunk fits the bill in terms of the culture we wanted to nurture on our product teams.”

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If you’re on a mission to bring transparency and trust to your customers in a confusing industry, those values need to be instilled in your own organization first. CarFax uses Roadmunk to align their leadership around a singular vision. Learn how CarFax uses our features to ensure their team is working smart and hard.

What did roadmapping at CarFax look like before Roadmunk?

All of our roadmapping used to be done in Excel. We literally had one big Excel roadmap with joined cells, merged data, and it was just absolutely painful to update every month.

Now, with Roadmunk, it's so much easier to show who's working on what. Updating is a breeze with Roadmunk's drag and drop features. We don't have to wait for updated Excel files to be passed around. Our roadmaps now are always reflecting the reality of the situation at that moment in time.

How does your team use Roadmunk today?

Roadmunk is primarily used by our product managers and their teams. We have individual project teams managing their roadmaps in Roadmunk on a regular basis. Those individual roadmaps roll up into portfolio roadmaps that we use for. From there, we have four different main portfolio areas. Those get shared routinely with teams to help us prioritize at a senior level. Once a month, those portfolios get presented to make sure our organization is aligned.

"It didn’t take much convincing to get our team onto Roadmunk. It was just so much better than what we were using at the time and we knew it would meet our needs. Roadmunk was great in terms of pricing and support, too. It was an easy choice.
Alison Clough | Senior Project Manager at CarFax

How were you presenting roadmaps before?

We would build the visuals out in Excel. Then we would copy portions of the roadmaps into screenshots for PowerPoint. From there we'd put on overlays to draw attention to different elements. It was a very tedious process. It took up too much time.

Presenting with Roadmunk has made our update meetings much more productive. The design of the app, with it's heading structures and pivotable views, helps us communicate clearly. The visual indicators help us make sure our game plan is aligned. This is important especially as our new feature rollouts get more complex.

"We have multiple teams and different levels of leadership pulling up Roadmunk in their meetings to see how we’re delivering and where we can be performing better. Portfolio management within Roadmunk is powerful and makes sure my team isn’t wasting their time."
Aaron Hall | Head of Project and Portfolio Management

How did you know Roadmunk was the right fit for your team?

I've been a product manager for many years in a lot of different organizations. I've often had to work hard to convince people of the value of my function. That's not because I'm a bad guy, it's just there's lots of negative preconceived notions about what product managers do.

The beautiful thing about CarFax, though, is that I've never had to convince people of the value of what I do. One of my team's key values is transparency. We have a culture of trust and openness. Roadmunk fit the bill in terms of the culture we wanted to nurture on our teams.