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Custom Account Templates

Custom Account Templates

For several years now, Roadmunk has offered 35+ pre-built templates which have helped thousands of teams kickstart their projects - giving them a number of roadmaps which inspire design, enable collaborative planning, and standardize fields. We found that as teams grew and organizations expanded their use of Roadmunk, they began to look for ways to create standardized, reproducible roadmaps which could be more tailored to their teams' needs or processes. This is why, in an effort to make our users' lives easier and provide a simpler, smoother way to get everybody on the same page, we are excited to announce that Custom Account Templates have arrived in Roadmunk!

Standardize Fields & Customizations

An image of the Roadmunk Table View, showing a banner indicating that a user is editing a template and four custom fields in the table.

A major benefit of Custom Account Templates is that your organization, whether you are already in an account or just getting setup for the first time, are able to quickly create roadmaps that align with your team, department, or organization. This new feature allows administrators to define the customization & contextualization of the roadmap in advance, so that users creating new roadmaps can simply fill in the blanks and get up and running in no time.

Simplify Portfolio Roadmapping

The format panel from a Portfolio Roadmap, showing a number of common fields which match those listed in the previous screenshot.

The additional benefit of creating a standard template for your team or organization is that you will be able to quickly aggregate the data without having to go through the process of merging fields or adjusting values manually. Since Custom Account Templates provide users with an admin-defined list of fields upon creation, users can be sure that new roadmaps can be seamlessly incorporated into their teams' existing Portfolio roadmaps.

Start Fresh or Build from Existing Roadmaps

An image of the Roadmunk Interface, showing the open Settings menu with the "Duplicate As Template" option highlighted.

As an Account Admin in Roadmunk, it's easy to get started with Custom Account Templates. To create a new template from scratch, navigate to the Templates list on the roadmapping homepage, and select the Create Template button in the top-right corner. If you already have a roadmap that you would like to use as the basis for your template, simply click into the Settings gear icon beside the Roadmap Name at the top of your roadmap and select the Duplicate As Template option.

For more details on this feature and how to set up Custom Account Templates for your roadmaps, check out our setup guide in the Help Center.