“The advantages of Roadmunk extend far beyond just visualization of projects”

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When you’re an international technology company running hundreds of campaigns all at once, it can be easy to lose track of your projects. That’s why Dell relies on Roadmunk to be the single source of truth for their marketing teams. Keep reading to learn how Dell’s global technical marketing team uses Roadmunk to tell their story the right way.

What's your Roadmunk Story?

Before Roadmunk, I was using some of the most complicated spreadsheets to manage a global technical marketing team. I was tying things together manually and it was a disaster.

I don't even know how I found Roadmunk, but when I did it felt as if it was from the heavens. It was so simple and intuitive to use that I didn't even need a demo to get started. I was up and running immediately.

I've been quite the evangelist for Roadmunk at Dell and now it's gone viral in our teams.

How did Roadmunk make your work easier?

A big problem on my team was that I was the bottleneck. I was constantly meeting with everyone on my team to understand the status of all the various projects on the go. Just staying up to date with them was a full-time effort.

Roadmunk helped eliminate this challenge. Now, my team can take accountability of their own roadmaps and manage their lines of business. The advantages of Roadmunk extend far beyond just visualization of projects. The tool offered a huge efficiency advantage.

"In order to have a clear vision, you need to start with sight. Roadmunk gives us the clarity we need to remove the fog. We make efficient and effective decisions thanks to Roadmunk."
Conor Duffy | Global Director, Technical Marketing at Dell EMC

As a leader, how does Roadmunk help you manage more effectively?

Dell's technical marketing team is global and operates in multiple time zones. Roadmunk makes it so much easier for me to manage distributed teams.

I start off every Monday morning by logging into Roadmunk. I have multiple projects set up and a color-coded system that lets me quickly see how they're trending and what's falling behind. As a manager, this lets me be proactive as opposed to reactive. This is a massive operational efficiency that Roadmunk has given me.

Tell me about the impact that Roadmunk has had on your team.

Roadmunk's topological view allows the individuals on my team to better understand their own utilization. It helps them to advocate for themselves and manage their own capacity as well as the expectations of others.

In addition to setting deadlines, my team members now also know when they have to start their work to ensure the highest level of quality. It's had a big impact on our culture.

"Roadmunk provides me with the data that allows me to become a more informed, efficient decision-maker."
Conor Duffy | Global Director, Technical Marketing at Dell EMC

What surprised you about adopting Roadmunk?

An unintended consequence of adopting Roadmunk was the incentive it gave to my team. I've intentionally setup my roadmaps to be visible to everyone. This helps our whole team be transparent with each other.

Speaking candidly, we live in a world where 20% of the people on your team might be doing 80% of the work. But I've found that having transparent roadmaps actually motivates the whole team to be more productive. Roadmunk really helps me create better team players.

How did you convince your team to adopt Roadmunk?

It really didn't take much work on my end. There were so many complicated tools out there that my team was already dying for something easier. When we found Roadmunk, the choice was easy. The app was very intuitive and simple.

The same way Apple is so easy that your grandmother could pick it up, Roadmunk does the same for roadmapping. The people at Roadmunk knocked it out of the park.

"My teams are working on hundreds of projects concurrently. We're responsible for supporting billions of dollars worth of product revenue. I'd like to thank Roadmunk for enabling my team to do more of the work that matters."
Conor Duffy | Global Director, Technical Marketing at Dell EMC

If a colleague of yours was shopping for a roadmapping tool, how would you convince them to give Roadmunk a shot?

I think the Roadmunk tool speaks for itself in many ways. How I typically convince people is just by showing them how intuitive it is. Immediately, people become envious. They see that they can gain a significant command of their business with Roadmunk.