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Elevate Your Roadmapping with Our Newest Integrations

Elevate Your Roadmapping with Our Newest Integrations

When building our integrations, our goal has always been to provide reliable & easy-to-use tools which help our users to align their data across multiple platforms and provide their stakeholders with a seamless understanding of their ongoing work. With more teams going remote and diversifying their toolkits to better cope with the realities of hybrid workplaces, we decided it was time to build our next integration...

... then another one... and maybe a few more...

... until we had four brand new integrations built to help teams using Roadmunk connect with tools they may use on a daily basis - allowing them to use that data to build shareable, boardroom-ready roadmaps which showcase the full scope of their work and help to better align all teams across their organization, regardless of which tools they decide to use.

Meet Our New Integrations

When deciding on a direction for these new integrations, our team gathered feedback from users across Roadmunk, to figure out where to build next. Thanks to that feedback, we are pleased to announce the following four integrations joining our existing three (Jira, Azure DevOps, & GitHub):

Each of these tools is built to provide a unique experience for planning & managing the work that you and your team do on a day-to-day basis. With the powerful roadmapping solution that Roadmunk offers and great features like Portfolio Roadmapping to help consolidate your data from across tools into a single visualization, you can reduce double data entry and build an easy-to-navigate, high-level view of all of the work your team is doing in minutes.

Does Your Roadmap Build a Narrative?

Thanks to our ever-growing list of integrations with popular everyday-use tools, you can create beautiful, highly customizable, cross-department roadmaps that tell the whole story.

Integrating with software already in your teams’ tech stack removes the need to manually reproduce data from the platforms we integrate with - allowing you to visualize and align the work of teams across your organization in minutes.

On top of that, integrating with Roadmunk and enabling automatic scheduled data synchronizations seamlessly ensures that your data is always up-to-date, and consistent with your source of truth, without having to go through the time-consuming and frustrating process of manually reconciling changes across platforms.

Some key benefits of setting up Roadmunk integrations are:

  1. Roadmunk is the best way to deliver beautiful, visually appealing roadmaps that can tell a compelling story to your audience. Integrate with the software you and your team use to ensure better product strategy communication.
  2. More flexibility with Roadmunk’s native custom fields, adding additional layers of detail to your existing data which can help to enrich your roadmaps.
  3. Highly customizable visualizations, with support for multiple custom-filtered views, to help you tailor your roadmaps to specific audiences using a single source of truth for your data.
  4. Aggregate data from multiple sources and tools onto a single Portfolio Roadmap for a complete company-wide overview.
  5. Reduce, if not entirely eliminate, manual and duplicate data entry to save time and effort when building visually-stunning, boardroom ready roadmaps.

To learn how you and your team can setup these new integrations or to get more details on our existing integrations, feel free to check out the helpful guides in our knowledge base.