Get Started with Feedback Management

Get Started with Feedback Management

It’s not always easy for product teams to fully understand how their in-market products are performing and being received by their users. This isn’t because there's no user feedback. It’s because many product teams haven’t had the resources to centralize the flood of feedback that’s coming in—and valuable feedback often never gets seen by the product team.

But… Roadmunk’s Feedback Inbox provides one organized place for product teams to capture, manage, filter and analyze customer feedback.

And once collected or imported, customer feedback can be directly linked to product ideas in Roadmunk—helping product teams make customer-driven product decisions. Learn more about idea management in Roadmunk here.

Watch the video below to learn how to get started with feedback management in Roadmunk. Then, keep reading for a high-level overview of how your product team can make sure valuable feedback is captured in Roadmunk's Feedback Inbox.

Collecting customer feedback in Roadmunk

With Roadmunk, product teams can quickly and easily review the high volume of insights that come into their Feedback Inbox.

Organization is facilitated by Products and Components—the categories that product teams can use to filter and direct feedback to the right person. These fields should mirror how the product and product team are structured, like these examples below:

You can assign a Roadmunk user to a Product or Component—meaning each product manager’s Feedback Inbox will only receive the feedback that’s relevant to them.

Currently, there are three ways to get feedback into Roadmunk.

1. Submit feedback directly into the app

Users within your Roadmunk account (both collaborators and reviewers) can submit insights to the Feedback Inbox from within the app. Feedback submitted by collaborators and reviewers can be directly attributed to a specific customer and user.

The benefits of attributing feedback to a user are two-fold:

  1. You and your product team will know which customer to follow up with if clarity and context is required to understand or action on submitted feedback.
  2. You’ll be able to close the feedback loop! You and your product team will know which users to follow up with when you release a pain-point-solving feature.

Alternatively, collaborators and reviewers can also submit feedback as themselves, meaning it’s not attributed to a customer or user. This is helpful when:

  • Product feedback is coming from someone within the organization—like when a member of your product team has identified pain points and areas for improvement
  • Executive-level and other non-product stakeholders have product feedback—either from internal usage or based on business problems
  • When customer feedback is generalized or commonly known—like coming from many customers on different calls, across social channels, etc.

2. The Roadmunk Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension provides any Roadmunk user with a simple, non-disruptive mechanism to deliver customer feedback to the product Feedback Inbox–without having to stop what they’re doing to visit the Roadmunk app.

The Chrome Extension is compatible with all browser-based tools. Feedback can be copied and pasted into a dialog box from the below tools and delivered directly to Roadmunk:

  • Email
  • CRMs like Salesforce
  • Support tools like Intercom and Zendesk

Feedback submitted via the Chrome Extension can be assigned feedback to a Product and Component so that it’s delivered to the correct product manager—ensuring that valuable customer insights gets to the right product manager ASAP. Check out this quick video tutorial for everything you need to know about using the Roadmunk Chrome Extension.

Install the Roadmunk Chrome Extension here.

3. Custom API integrations

With the Roadmunk API, your team can build a custom integration between Roadmunk’s Feedback Inbox and the tools you’re already using to collect customer feedback.

For example, at Roadmunk, our own product team used the API to build a custom Slack integration. It’s a common practice for our sales and customer success teams to share user insights with the whole company on Slack. Now, with our Slack <> Roadmunk integration, our product team is able to quickly funnel those valuable insights into our Feedback Inbox—ensuring that feedback can be used to make customer-driven product decisions.

Plus: The Roadmunk team is currently working on ways to make feedback collection even easier. Stay tuned for upcoming releases. 😉