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Introducing Hide Fields on Exported Roadmaps

Introducing Hide Fields on Exported Roadmaps

Sometimes you want to make sure your external stakeholders see every detail on your roadmap. Other times, certain information on your roadmap can be superfluous, or even private.

That’s why we’re releasing a new functionality to help you control which data you want your internal users to see versus external-facing data.

When exporting a roadmap to a URL or HTML, you’ll notice a new option to hide certain Fields, depending on which ones you want to showcase and who you’re sharing your roadmap with.

It’s a great way to have total control over the information you're sharing on your roadmaps, and it’s as easy as checking a box before you’re ready to hit “Publish.”

Our Knowledge Base has even more details on this new feature, including steps on how to enable it, so you can confidently share only the most essential Fields the next time you need to export your roadmap.