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Goodbye Markdown, Hello Rich Text

Goodbye Markdown, Hello Rich Text

The Description Field is an important tool for building better roadmaps - having been both the metaphorical "gem" of our Item Card and the first field to become "card-exclusive" in Roadmunk. While there are many users who rely on the Item Card to communicate the important details of their day-to-day work, we often hear that it's a chore for them to learn the ins-and-outs of Markdown in order to craft content-rich, effective descriptions for their roadmap items.

In an effort to save time and reduce frustration for our users, we're excited to finally announce that we've rolled out a pretty significant change in how you customize, contextualize, and create within your Item Card: a brand new Rich Text Description Field. 🎉

A Simple, Beautiful, & Powerful Experience

With rich text editing in the Description Field, users can enjoy a more consistent editing experience between the popular tools they use on a day-to-day basis and Roadmunk. Making quick edits is simple & seamless with the addition of familiar keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to quickly format and fine-tune your description with minimal friction.

New Features for Better Content

Rich text editing also unlocks a full suite of beautiful and useful content-building tools like header levels, block quotes, checklists, tables, and more. Now in real-time you can quickly build context-filled, organized, and easy-to-navigate descriptions that help your end-users and teammates to get the full picture of what's in-flight for teams across your organization.

Seamless Rendering for Roadmunk Integrations

While Markdown has been the standard for many tools across the industry, per-platform customizations and syntax limitations have made the format unreliable when transferring descriptions across platforms. Whether handling something like the extended Markdown format of GitHub or the Atlassian Document Format offshoot which is used by Jira, Roadmunk's new editor is capable of displaying descriptions the way they were built.

It's easy to get started with our new Rich Text Editor  - simply open up any new or existing item on your roadmap and click into the Description Field. You’ll be able to access all of our new formatting options immediately and any existing descriptions using markdown will stay as they are. Make sure to check out this knowledge base article to learn more about our new Description Field (and some of the other cool stuff our Item Card can do).