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Keep Date Information Top of Mind with Date/Time Field Support for Jira-integrated Roadmaps

Keep Date Information Top of Mind with Date/Time Field Support for Jira-integrated Roadmaps

Does your team use Date/Time fields as your primary date fields in your Jira projects? We understand this is common practice among Roadmunk roadmappers due to the value, power, and details these fields hold. That being said, we are thrilled to unlock the ability to now sync this helpful information in your roadmaps so you never have to context switch to see date-related details.

Fortunately, this release also unlocks the ability to sync additional date fields on your projects as read-only fields in your roadmap. No longer are there limitations in place to only sync a select couple of date fields! Now you can represent the numerous date-specific pillars along your issues lifespan in your roadmap so you never miss a beat.

To begin syncing your Date/Time fields to your roadmaps, as well as pull in additional date fields to display, please note that the desired fields must be on the Create Issues screen in Jira. Once that’s completed, simply follow these steps:

  • Head into an integrated roadmap, click the Jira icon in the top right corner, and select “Modify Setup”
  • In the setup window, navigate to the final tab titled “Dates & Fields”
  • Under the heading “Dates to Map”, Date/Time fields should appear in the Start and End Date dropdown menus (do note that if Date Mapping has already been selected, it cannot be modified)
  • Upon scrolling down, “Dates to Display” will showcase all additional date fields that you can choose to sync as read-only fields in your roadmap
  • Once the desired fields/date mapping is selected, click “Save” and soon after the fields will appear and their values will begin trickling in on the items table

Be sure to check out our Knowledge Base for all details on this awesome release. The clock’s ticking… go get those Date/Time fields synced. Happy roadmapping!