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Link Roadmap Items without Dates

Link Roadmap Items without Dates

There are always many reasons that features go through name changes. As potentially bothersome as they can be, we believe that well-thought-out change is a good thing—just like our Portfolio name change that centered around inclusivity and industry-aligned terminology. In this case, the name change is inspired by increased product offering for the Dependency feature, which is something to get excited about! We too will be correcting ourselves for the next little while, but Dependencies are a thing of the past and Linked Items are here.

Linked Items will still include our existing “Moves With” and “Blocking” options, however, we now support a third relationship type called “Relates To”. Relates To is a fantastic Linked Item type as it allows you to create connections between items that do not have exact dates (one of our most common feature requests since launching this feature!). Teams that use bucketed dates, or measure dates through sprints or quarters, will now be able to showcase connections between items and freely move them around without affecting other items on their roadmaps. Last but not least? Relates To now provides you the ability to link together any Jira or Azure Devops-integrated items, with or without date mapping!

To begin adding Relates To to some of your items, follow these steps:

  • Open up the item card
  • Click “Add” beside Linked Items
  • Relates To is the first Linked Item option in the drop-down menu
  • You can also change any existing Linked Item type into Relates To

Whether you roadmap using exact dates, use flexible time periods instead, or use the Jira or Azure DevOps integration, Relates To is now the most flexible and accessible Linked Item type in your toolbox. Feel free to read all the details in this knowledge base article. Happy roadmapping!