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Protect Your Roadmap Information with the Ability to Delete Published URLs

Protect Your Roadmap Information with the Ability to Delete Published URLs

Today, we’re rolling out a brand new enhancement to help keep your roadmap information safer and more secure. With the ability to delete published URLs from your exported roadmaps, you can be sure that any sensitive information on your roadmap won’t be able to be accessed by anyone else going forward.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of duplicating and deleting roadmap views in order to get rid of sensitive information. Now, if you no longer want certain information to be accessed outside of Roadmunk, there’s a streamlined, intuitive way to completely delete any roadmap URL—especially if that roadmap contains sensitive information.

With this release, we’re giving you the ability to delete published URLs right from the export page. No more multi-step processes, no more reaching out to the Roadmunk support team to make sure your roadmaps are, in fact, no longer visible.

Here’s how it works:

  • Within the Exporting Menu, you’ll notice a brand new button that gives you the option to delete your already published URL. (You can also access this button from the export dropdown within any roadmap.)
  • Once the button is selected, you’ll see a pop-up confirming that you want to delete the URL permanently.
  • Upon confirming deletion, you’ll see a message on your now-deleted URL, confirming that the URL no longer exists.
  • Once a published URL has been deleted, the roadmap view can still be published to a different, brand new URL (which is especially helpful in case you want to share the roadmap with a different group of stakeholders).

Ready to try on this new feature for size? Head to your Roadmunk account and take it for a spin. Or for even more details on how to use it, our Knowledge Base has you covered with an in-depth walkthrough of the ins and outs of the feature.