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Reorder Your Fields for Better Prioritization (and Organization)

Reorder Your Fields for Better Prioritization (and Organization)

Want to quickly rearrange the way your Fields are ordered? Look no further, because now you can drag your most important Fields to the top of the Item Card. Not only does this update let you move related Fields close together, but it also allows you to interact with them in a context that mirrors your actual workflow.

As you can see, Fields within the Item Card now have “grips,” allowing you to drag and drop your Fields into whatever order makes the most sense to you or your team.

By surfacing your most important Fields first—and bringing related Fields together—your Item Card experience just got even more intuitive. Not to mention it's easier than ever to visually prioritize your Fields to match your unique roadmapping process.

For more details about this release, check out our Knowledge Base to get the full rundown.