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Split Up Your Sub-Items with Standalone Sub-Items

Split Up Your Sub-Items with Standalone Sub-Items

With the switch of a toggle on both the Timeline and Swimlane visualizations, you now have the ability either to view Sub-Items grouped with their parent Item, or have them displayed as separate, standalone Items without breaking up the parent-child relationship.

Ultimately, this gives you a clearer, easier way to view and identify Item relationships at a glance, as well as to take advantage of dynamic filtering options to show only the Items and Sub-Items you want to see.

Gone are the days when Sub-Items had to be tied down to their parent Items. Now, they’re all grown up and ready to take on the roadmapping world by themselves. 💪

Why is this feature so important for you as a Roadmunk user? Great question! Depending on your audience and the context of your presentation, you can provide either detailed, tactical information on your roadmap to specific stakeholder, or high-level strategic information of the same roadmap—all with the switch of a toggle.

Whatever view you opt for, Standalone Sub-Items give you total control over your roadmaps to add more or less context depending on what your goals are.

Want even more inspiration for how to use Standalone Sub-Items? We’ve written an entire guide about Sub-Items and packed it with beneficial information—including helpful examples—to make sure you get started on the right foot.