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Sync Jira Cascading Select Fields to Roadmunk

Sync Jira Cascading Select Fields to Roadmunk

It’s no surprise that Roadmunk Jira users love and utilize Cascading Select Fields in their Jira projects. With this helpful field type, the field options in second list are dependent on what you chose in the first list, resulting in a much simpler, easier, and faster experience instead of scrolling through potentially hundreds of field options in one lengthy list.

Thankfully, since supporting this field type in our Jira integration, you can easily see both levels of cascaded values neatly represented in a single field. Who wouldn't love fitting more data into the same space? As well, manipulating this field in Roadmunk and syncing changes back to the integrated project is a clean and clutter-free experience since we only display current field values that are selected, not the entire exhaustive list.

To begin syncing your Cascading Select Fields to your roadmaps, please note that the desired field must be on the Create Issues screen in Jira. Once that’s completed, the rest is simple:

  • Head into an integrated roadmap, click the Jira icon in the top right corner, and select “Modify Setup”
  • In the setup window, navigate to the final tab titled “Dates & Fields”
  • Under the heading “Fields to Sync”, you should see your Cascading Select Fields
  • Once the desired fields are selected, click “Save” and after a short time the field will appear and their values will begin trickling in on the items table

If you have any questions about our newest enhancement, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base. Give it a whirl and let us know how it goes, happy roadmapping!