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A Better Way to Explore Your Roadmap Items

A Better Way to Explore Your Roadmap Items

When we first launched the Item Card nearly a decade ago, it was a simple way to view all of your top-level item details in one location; however, as we continued to add new features to Roadmunk over the years, we encountered a problem that we never thought we'd run into: we needed more space.

In an effort to reduce clutter and make the Item Card a feature-rich, easy to navigate experience that helps to elevate your roadmapping experience and focus you in on the details that matter most in the card, we’re introducing a significant UX overhaul of the Item Card.

Beautifully Redesigned for Easier Use

Given the amount of foot traffic the Item Card sees on a daily basis, we realized early on that redesigning it would be no small feat. This is why we began by looking at the core components of the legacy version of the card and determining how we could better group, space, and present these details in a more visually appealing way.

A visual comparison between the Legacy Item Card (left) and the Updated Item Card (right).

The most notable change we've made to the style of the card was to move from a modal to a panel. This allowed us to increase the amount of information we could show on the item card by using the vertical screen real estate more effectively. In addition to this change, we also removed the shroud over the roadmap behind the card and increased the brightness of the panel's background color to match the experience of other panels across the app.

Easy to Navigate

While we all love a good glow up story, our team also wanted to look into ways we could improve how our users navigate through the card. Instead of having to scroll to locate a specific piece of information, we've grouped your item details into easy to understand tabs which allow for quicker exploration in the card and a lot less scrolling.

In addition to being able to focus in on specific information while presenting your roadmap, we've also added a new tab-related feature which helps you to showcase the roadmap behind the card without interrupting your roadmapping flow. In the new Item Card, you can quickly hide or reveal the Details Sub-Panel (containing the Fields & Activity tabs) using the Collapse button in the top right corner of your card, beside the close button.

Additional Features

On top of the amazing visual overhaul the Item Card has received, we've also added some additional features and quality of life improvements which help to elevate the user experience and improve access to important tools or functions:

  • Updated Field Styles: In addition to the new Date Picker that we've previously seen on the Table View, we've also introduced new visual styles for Key Dates, Progress Fields, Multi-Select, and Team Member Fields.
  • Additional Details for Linked Ideas: To save time switching between modules, we've introduced 3 new fields for each linked Idea (Description, Product Area, Component).
  • Additional In-Card Actions: In addition to the common actions you've become familiar with in the item card, you can also duplicate an item, copy an item card's URL, and update an item without Closing.
  • New Create/Update Button: Whether you're creating a new item or updating an existing one, you now have access to two new additional update options while working in the Item Card: Save & Create Another and Create/Update Without Closing.

All of these updates, along with those we didn't have the space to list in this post, help to make the Item Card a feature-rich, easy to navigate experience that helps to elevate your roadmapping experience and focus you in on the details that matter most.

If you'd like to learn more about all of the changes we've made to the card, make sure to check out our article on Exploring the Item Card in our Knowledge Base.