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Visualize Item Progress in Azure DevOps-integrated Roadmaps

Visualize Item Progress in Azure DevOps-integrated Roadmaps

One of the most important line items in standups and status meetings is the insights into how projects are progressing. This is helpful for many reasons, including transparency, alignment on next steps, and planning what to tackle when it’s crossed off the list. If your team utilizes our Azure DevOps integration and wants to bring work item progress into your roadmap, this enhancement is for you!

Now you'll be able to sync the progress of your boards based on completion and visualize that progress using the native Item Progress feature in Roadmunk - without manually having to enter and update this information! Whether you prefer to track progress by effort, item count, or story points there’s a simple, visually compelling, and automated solution to better understand your initiative's course to 100% completion.

To begin syncing Azure DevOps work item progress into Roadmunk, just follow these steps:

  • Head into an integrated roadmap, click the Azure DevOps icon in the top right corner, and select “Modify Setup”
  • In the setup window, navigate to the final tab titled “Select Fields”
  • Under “Work Item Progress to Sync”, select your desired "Progress by" option, and click “Save”

Great! Next, let’s walk through how to visualize this on your roadmap:

  • Jump to either the Timeline or Swimlane View and click on the Formatting Panel
  • Scroll to the Item Progress dropdown and select the desired Progress By Field
  • Once selected, the roadmap will update automatically to visualize the item progress

If you have any questions about our newest enhancement, be sure to check out this Knowledge Base article. Give it a whirl and let us know how it goes, happy roadmapping!