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Let's Talk: Portals & Browser Extensions

Let's Talk: Portals & Browser Extensions

It should go without saying that the most successful roadmaps are driven by feedback. Having the input of our end users, stakeholders, and customers helps us to better define their pain points and ensure that we're making data-driven decisions which influence our strategy and direction.

Coincidentally, it was user feedback that helped us to shape and build our newest feature: Multiple Feedback Portals. Following the launch of our popular Feedback Portal functionality, many users reached out to let us know how this helped simplify their feedback intake and began asking when they were going to be able to create additional Portals for different audiences, campaigns, or tools.

We heard your feedback and after some hard work on our part we're finally ready to launch the ability to create multiple Portals in Roadmunk - allowing for more flexibility than ever when collecting valuable customer insights!

Thinking with Portals: Roadmunk Edition

With the ability to create up to 10 Portals in Roadmunk, users can quickly and easily begin collecting Feedback across a number of sources. This Feedback can be pushed into either the General Feedback inbox or into the inboxes of any number of user-specified Product Areas, making it easier than ever for your teammates to review and manage inbound feedback as it's being submitted.

In addition to the ability to create multiple Feedback Portals, we've also given our Portal landing page in the Feedback module a well-deserved refresh. Users are able to get an at-a-glance view of the important details on their organization's Portals and can click into each Portal on the list to view, update, and activate/deactivate their Portal.

A Fond Farewell to our Chrome Extension

While we're excited to launch this significant update to Portals, this solution will now replace our previously launched Chrome Extension. In discussions with a number of active and past users of this tool, the idea of being able to generate multiple portals across a number of tools instead of relying on an extension was a simpler, cleaner, and less obstructive solution in their ideal workflows.

A photo of the Chrome Extension in use.

This is why we're sunsetting Chrome Extension for Feedback Collection and will be continuing to explore the possibilities of flexible, easy-to-use Portals which can be built into a number of existing tools. Here at Roadmunk, we have our Portals embedded into a few of our daily-use tools and made a great article to walk you through setting up something similar for your team. We've seen firsthand how powerful Portals can be for collecting valuable user feedback and are excited to open up a whole new world of possibilities with the ability to generate Multiple Feedback Portals.

Looking for more details on how to start collecting valuable user insights with Portals? Feel free to head on over to our Knowledge Base for an in-depth guide on how to quickly setup, manage, and embed your Feedback Portals.