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Collect User Feedback & Insights Effortlessly with the Feedback Portal

Collect User Feedback & Insights Effortlessly with the Feedback Portal

Have you ever been blindsided by feature requests or issues that you had no idea about until they crossed your inbox? If you’re part of a product team, you know how challenging it can be not only to gather valuable feedback & insights from disparate audiences, but also to consolidate, prioritize, and communicate that feedback once you’ve managed to collect and process it.

Luckily, with the release of the Feedback Portal, your feedback collection process can become more streamlined than ever before. With this new feature, you will have access to a frictionless solution which offers your customers, external stakeholders, and internal teams a way to communicate directly with your product team.  

An image of Roadmunk, showing the Feedback Portal control panel.

Using the Feedback Portal is a straightforward process for both you and any contributors that you share your Portal link with. Here's a quick rundown of how to get a Portal setup and ready-to-go:

  • Head to the Portal tab in the Feedback module, and use the Create Portal button (or New Portal button if at least 1 Portal has already been created)
  • Set any relevant Names, Descriptions, Product Areas and Components to direct submitted feedback towards, or just use the General Feedback default if you'd rather categorize it yourself.
  • Once you’ve saved your settings, you'll be able to see a control panel (shown above) where you can easily copy your unique Feedback Portal link and update all of your Portal's settings.
  • As feedback starts to come in, it’ll appear in your Feedback Inbox under the Products or Components you specified during setup and will automatically consolidate under My Products if you're setup as an owner for those areas.

No license is required to submit feedback through your Portal - this means you can start sharing the URL to your Feedback Portal as soon as you're setup and ready-to-go! Users are able to create up to 10 Portals at this time.

If you have any questions along the way, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base for even more information on how to use Feedback Portal.