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Elevate Your Roadmapping with Our Newest Integrations

With our latest update, you can automate the manual effort and time that goes into keeping your roadmaps up-to-date across even more platforms through four brand new integrations.

Roadmaps, New Feature

Integrate Your Roadmaps with Azure DevOps

It’s now simple and quick to sync a project to a roadmap, combine important data, and create a visualization that syncs right back to the source.


Make Your Roadmaps Stand Out with These Design Tips

Get inspired by these tips for keeping your roadmaps looking sleek and stylish, while calling attention to the details that make a big impact.


Add a New Level of Visual Detail to Your Roadmaps with Sub-Items

By grouping roadmap items together, sub-items give you the ability to break your goals into smaller, more manageable pieces.


Prioritize Your Ideas with Custom Weighted Scoring

By relying on the power of custom weighted scores, you can feel confident that your team is heading down the right product path.


Add Linked Items to Your Roadmaps

Take advantage of one of Roadmunk’s most useful, collaborative features—let this guide show you the ropes.


Integrate Your Roadmaps with Jira

The power of roadmaps + the flexibility of Jira = a match made in roadmapping heaven. Find out why they make such an unbeatable combo in this guide.

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