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Product Updates

Make your Roadmunk experience even better with our latest (and greatest) features.

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Link Roadmap Items without Dates

The Dependency functionality now has more capabilities and a brand new name. Say hello to “Linked Items”.

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Visualize Item Progress in Azure DevOps-integrated Roadmaps

Automatically gain the visibility you need to track how your work items are developing

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Precise Filters for Azure DevOps with WIQL

Powerful and flexible filtering has never been easier thanks to Work Item Query Language support.

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Keep Date Information Top of Mind with Date/Time Field Support for Jira-integrated Roadmaps

Not only can you map Jira Date/Time fields to Start and End dates in Roadmunk, but now you can also display additional date fields in your roadmaps.

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Sync Jira Cascading Select Fields to Roadmunk

Supporting this field type allows cascaded values to be neatly consolidated as a single field value in your roadmap. The more data the merrier!

Product UpdatesNew Feature

Sync your Azure DevOps projects to Roadmunk with our latest integration

It’s simple and quick to sync a project to a roadmap, combine important data, and create a beautiful visualization that syncs right back to the source.

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Say Goodbye to Master Roadmaps and Hello to...

After 5 years of being one of our most popular features, we're excited to announce a big change to Master Roadmapping.

Product UpdatesNew Feature

Collect User Feedback & Insights Effortlessly with the Feedback Portal

The Feedback Portal provides a simple, shareable way for your team to reduce manual effort and streamline your feedback collection process.

Product UpdatesNew Feature

Keep Your Feedback Inbox Clean with Edit & Delete Feedback

It’s finally here - the long-awaited update that will help your team to effectively manage and declutter your Feedback Inbox with two exciting new features.

Product UpdatesNew FeatureRoadmaps

Protect the Way Your Roadmap Looks by Locking Formatting on Views

Our newest feature is here to ensure you (and your teammates) don’t make any accidental formatting changes to your boardroom-ready roadmap.