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Product Updates

Make your Roadmunk experience even better with our latest (and greatest) features.

Product UpdatesNew FeatureRoadmaps

Elevate Your Roadmapping with Our Newest Integrations

With our latest update, you can automate the manual effort and time that goes into keeping your roadmaps up-to-date across even more platforms through four brand new integrations.

Product UpdatesNew Feature

Let's Talk: Portals & Browser Extensions

Multiple Feedback Portals in Roadmunk have launched - allowing for more flexibility than ever when collecting valuable customer insights!

Product Updates

Collect User Feedback & Insights Effortlessly with the Feedback Portal

The Feedback Portal provides a simple, shareable way for your team to reduce manual effort and streamline your feedback collection process.

Product UpdatesNew FeatureRoadmaps

Goodbye Markdown, Hello Rich Text

Easy to use, easy to learn, and easy on the eyes: meet our new Rich Text Description Field for Roadmapping.

Product UpdatesNew FeatureRoadmaps

Simplify Roadmap Sharing with Teams in Roadmunk

Easily curate user groups to better manage their users, provide quick access to multiple team roadmaps, and control roadmap permissions for entire teams in a single action.

Product UpdatesNew FeatureRoadmaps

Explore & Link Issues in Jira from any Integrated Roadmap

In a huge step forward for teams working with Roadmunk's Jira Integration, we now support the ability to synchronize the relationships between issues you create in Jira and visualize them in the same way you would visualize Linked Items on your roadmap.

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Let's Talk: The Format Panel

Over the past month, we've rolled out a number of changes to this panel and are excited to give you a behind the scenes look into the decisions that we made to help build a better Format Panel.

Product UpdatesNew FeatureRoadmaps

Let's Talk: Color Palettes & Controls

Additional default color palettes, brand new features, and better visibility into how your palettes are being used. Learn more about what we've been up to with Color Palettes this past month.

New FeatureRoadmapsProduct Updates

Link Roadmap Items without Dates

The Dependency functionality now has more capabilities and a brand new name. Say hello to “Linked Items”.

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Visualize Item Progress in Azure DevOps-integrated Roadmaps

Automatically gain the visibility you need to track how your work items are developing