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Product Updates

Make your Roadmunk experience even better with our latest (and greatest) features.

Product UpdatesNew Feature

Keep Your Feedback Inbox Clean with Edit & Delete Feedback

It’s finally here - the long-awaited update that will help your team to effectively manage and declutter your Feedback Inbox with two exciting new features.

Product UpdatesNew FeatureRoadmaps

Protect the Way Your Roadmap Looks by Locking Formatting on Views

Our newest feature is here to ensure you (and your teammates) don’t make any accidental formatting changes to your boardroom-ready roadmap.

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Easily Manage Users on Your Account with New Edit and Delete Enhancements

For Account Admins, there’s now a simpler, more straightforward solution for managing the users on your account.

EnhancementRoadmapsProduct Updates

Add More Clarity and Context to Your Fields with Field Descriptions

Get ready to bring more detail to your Fields with the ability to add descriptions to them.

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Protect Your Roadmap Information with the Ability to Delete Published URLs

With this release, it’s easier than ever to quickly remove published URLs from exported roadmaps—here’s what you need to know.

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Reorder Your Fields for Better Prioritization (and Organization)

Your roadmapping life just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the ability to change the order of your Fields right within the Item Card.

Product UpdatesNew FeatureRoadmaps

Favorite Your Top Roadmaps with Our Latest Release ⭐️

Thanks to this handy feature, you can quickly access your most-used roadmaps for fast and easy updating.

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Perform Bulk Actions from the Items Table with Just One Click

With a single click, you can now select multiple Items at once from the Items Table. How's that for efficiency?

Product UpdatesEnhancementRoadmaps

Introducing Hide Fields on Exported Roadmaps

By hiding specific Fields on your URL/HTML-exported roadmaps, you can better control what information you want to share.

Product UpdatesNew FeaturePrioritization

Import Your Feedback and Ideas with Our New CSV Import Feature

That’s right—if your data lives in a CSV file, you can now import it straight into Roadmunk.